Tuesday, September 19, 2023

My reputation precedes me


A regular longtime library patron I have known for ages came in. Once, many years ago, I believe she was even on our library board. She was with her mother. They looked at a picture of a lion in the library that is sitting at our main desk, and they made some joking/admiring comment of the picture. I can't remember what it was.

Then they greeted me and admired my t-shirt, featuring a picture of a cute, cartoon Bob Dylan.

Then they asked "Are you still making any art?"

"Well," I replied. "I made this." Pointing to my shirt. "And I made the picture of the lion in the library." Rarely is there such an easy, readily available answer to that question.

They laughed and the mother said, like I had been making a crazy joke, "You're a good liar."

Actually I'm a pretty bad liar, but I'm clearly way worse at telling the truth.

exhibits (though you've seen them before):

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