Sunday, September 10, 2023

Ship of Theseus

You know the question posed by the Ship of Theseus? This is where one has a ship, and who doesn't have a ship! And one replaces a bit of the ship here or there, until, over time, every bit of the ship has been replaced. There is nothing left of the original ship, but it is the same ship one started out with. And yet there is nothing left of the original ship. It's crazy!

 And the name of the ship is...

I actually spent a moment trying to think of a funny name for the ship. 

But, of course, the ship is called the "Of Theseus".

Now maybe you think I have some insight into the paradox of the ship Of Theseus.

But I don't. I just have a picture of it.

You see, I found a book of paintings of naval vessels from the early 1800's mostly. I took pictures of them, opened them up in photoshop, and tried to add sea monsters. But it didn't work. So in a fit of pique, or copywrite fraud avoidance, or psychic anticipation of what would be needed for this discussion, I started replacing the ship, bit by bit.

This is what it looks like:

What, you might wonder now, does the original look like?

Here you go. See if you can spot the differences:

Although in all the thousands of versions I might have lost track of the original.

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