Monday, September 25, 2023

The unconscious takes over


After a series of dense, complicated pictures (see previous "New Urbanist" columns), I wanted to take advantage of my new skills/technology by making quicker, more uncomplicated pictures down by the river.

These would simply have a boat added, an old fashion Galleon, and nothing else!

I would put a nice boat on the river and simply move on!

But they didn't look right without a volcano.

And it seemed churlish not to add a train to any empty train tracks.

A fox in the foreground? A sleeping lion? Yes please.

Birds, big black birds! Turtle! New graffiti! Another boat! 

Remove a boat. More lava! Why is the lava blue? New volcano. Get rid of the fox's fifth leg!


Who's in charge here?

Good question.


  1. That poor fox is looking pretty scawny. I think he should eat a swan or something.

    1. Hey! You of all people should know it tough out there on the gritty streets of Saint Minneapolis!


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