Friday, September 15, 2023

Voice of his generation


No, this is not another Bob Dylan sketch. 

I am here to say that, despite taking a few stabs at it, I did not turn out to be the voice of my generation. I was not the voice of my school, my group of friends, the library, my zip code, my block, my apartment building, or my local trail. I am not the voice of the Jewish People, library clerks, wild turkeys, or even underappreciated geniuses who go unheralded in their time.

But sometimes I am at the front desk of the library. And a patron comes to the front desk with a book they really want, maybe one that is on hold for them. They are a little embarrassed when they tell me "I forgot my card, and I don't even have my I.D. But I don't suppose there is any way I could check this out?"

And I say "Well, standards are falling all across America so maybe I should let mine go too." 

I ask them a few random quiz questions about their identity, and then I check the book out to them anyway.

Then I write about it to you.

And I am pretty sure I am the voice of something.

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