Monday, October 2, 2023

All the wonders of technology in one brief story


I was shelving and listening to a legal podcast when I came upon an interesting series of spy thrillers by Stella Rimington. I paused my podcast, looked over the books, and saw that the first in the somewhat acclaimed series was called At Risk.

"This sounds like something worth trying." I thought. I checked some reviews. I decided I would like to read it right away.

But I was shelving. I couldn't read anything.

I needed someone to read it to me.

So I looked up the book At Risk on Libby, the library ebook app. An audiobook of it was available!

In a matter of seconds I downloaded it and could listen to it.

I could not help reflecting upon the wonder of this. In a matter of a minute or two I went from having no clue about a book, to wanting to read it, to having a trained, professional actor reading it to me perfectly in my earbud! It was absolutely amazing!

I mean, the technology was amazing. 

I hated the book.

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