Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Book sales


My library's big, annual book sale is taking place over the weekend. Technically it is not a "Library" book sale, but a "Friends of the Library" book sale, and so operates separately from us library employees.

Now I love books, don't get me wrong. And I see their greed inducing, covetous, they're-all-mine appeal. I even own ten or twenty books! Nevertheless, there is a part of me that sees people walking into the sale, or gravitating to our library bookstore, that wants to grab people, wave my hands at the huge library, and cry "Don't you understand! These books are all free! We have thousands and thousands of books. We can get you almost any book! And even better: when you are done reading it you simply return them here. You don't have to store them unused!"

I don't say anything though. I understand as well as anyone:

What is the point of your money, as little or as much as it may be, if you don't buy things with it.

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