Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Fox and Skunk: The ruins


One would not think that down on the Mississippi River, in the heart of Saint Minneapolis, one would find Roman ruins. And even I, trying to manipulate the very reality of my pictures of the river, had not considered that the Roman Empire had spread so far as to reach deep into the Americas.

But Fox and Skunk have a way of wandering, and strange things come together around them. And they don't care. What does it matter where history happened?

Nothing is ever the same as it once was. The only thing that is permanent, the only thing that is fixed in time and space is right now.

Blink and you miss it. Except that you will be blinking and not missing it. You can't, actually, miss it.

But if you can find some way to fit something into it, there it is.

Fox and Skunk are famous figures of Folklore, known all across the world. They are not real. 

But I love them because even though they are the dream, they know everything else is the dream.


  1. The picture with the reflecting sphere cased me to think of a spot on the U campus. If you enter the campus on 14th and bear around to the right you'll pass an elderly building that used to house the Mining department. It now has something to do with the Education department I think. Just beyond the building there is ... well, I've only seen it once, but I recall it as a sort of sculpture garden. It has, in my memory, large stones (head height, maybe) with facets polished in various ways. I've long meant to find this spot again, to see if my memory is behaving well, but it's unlikely to happen. Perhaps you would look and let me know. Perhaps you've known of this for a decade or so.
    I don't recall a fox or skunk, but I might have just missed them.

    1. oddly I can't place where you're talking about- though something feels vaguely familiar in it. I think the whole point is we always miss the fox and skunk, that's how it's meant to be.

      Actually I only just realized this myself, hmmm...


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