Thursday, October 26, 2023

My birthday rights


Because it is my birthday tomorrow I have been thinking...

In the past on my birthday I have focused mainly on myself, and on what special things might come my way because it is my birthday. But I have grown older and wiser, more magnanimous, and now I think:

What about all the other people who have the same birthday as me?

There are over 21 million of them!

I wish them all the joy in the world!

Still, 21 million is a lot of people. It is so many that one could populate one of the largest cities in the world with just the people born on my birthday. The birthday city! One could extinguish the local supplies of cake and candles there overnight! Drivers' License Bureaus would be overwhelmed. Halloween in the City of Birthday would be buried in scraps of discarded wrapping paper.  Greeting card stores would burst on the scene in mid-October, make small fortunes, and go bankrupt before Thanksgiving.

I mean, if we even had Thanksgiving there. This would be a very international city with every kind of person from every kind of place and culture. But best of all, on October 27th, one could walk around the streets of this strange new city and instead of saying "Hi." or "Good day.", one could simply say...

"Happy Birthday!"

And one would almost invariably be right.

"Wait, why "almost" right?" The reader asks.

If I had to live in the City of October 27, I would have smuggled in my wife.

I can do that. It's my birthday.


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