Saturday, October 14, 2023

Saint Anthony Main


On the river, just across from Downtown Saint Minneapolis, lies Saint Anthony Main. It is charming, partly as much as it is, because it is a half step down from the normal level of the city, and so it is of its own little environment in the neighborhood of Northeast, and not so beholden to the normal obscenities of car infrastructure that makes even the best places in our city a little worse.

I had gone to dinner with my friend, Jim, who I am pretty sure I am allowed to mention here. He has a history of occasionally checking in on Clerkmanifesto, but I don't know if that's even remotely active anymore.

The dinner was terrific, at a newish place called All Saints, which I would describe as "Elevated cocktail cuisine", a breed of restaurant that is dangerously similar among its genre representatives, but nevertheless is fully appealing to me, and probably almost the only kind of place I go out to eat these days. After a longish meal and too much food, all delicious, we went out for a walk and ended up here, one step below where we ate, in Saint Anthony Main. The lights were so appealing down at the river, breathtaking really, that we both thought to take a few pictures. Jim's phone has a nicer camera than mine, which was clearly obvious to me as we took our pictures. Jim sent me a few of his pictures to let me do... all... my... stuff to them. At least, I'm pretty sure he knew what he was getting into.

 I'm sure I used one of his pictures, the third below, but don't remember if the fourth was from his camera or mine.

Keep an eye out for old friends...

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