Saturday, October 21, 2023

Thomas Kinkade


Possibly the most famous artist of my adulthood was Thomas Kinkade. Or maybe the word for him is "successful"? Or possibly he just made a lot of money marketing his art? He was worth 66 million dollars when he died and had a fancy nickname of "Painter of Light" for his penchant of painting idealized country scenes that... uh... had light in them.

Aren't all paintings paintings of light?


Anyway, because the idealized naturalism of Thomas Kinkade was generally considered the lowest common denominator of art, he was casually reviled by the art world I grew up in. He was an easy joke until his death about ten years ago. Perhaps he is slowly being forgotten now, but I wouldn't put him beyond the reach of a revival.

Everything that was once "a thing" will probably be a thing again. At least once, but sometimes forever.

So you might consider popping out and getting a Thomas Kinkade original painting as an investment. He flooded the market with pseudo originals and "altered prints", whatever that means, but if you can verify a real painting of his you could maybe snatch it up for 15 or 20 grand. On the plus side I don't think you'll be bidding against museums just yet.

Or, to my horror, you could forget about investment and just enjoy my series of fox and skunk pictures, which do seem to share certain colorful qualities with the work of Mr. Kinkade.

And if you're interested in some "altered prints" of the below, I'm sure we could figure out how to arrange that.

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