Monday, October 16, 2023

What I do here


Maybe these pictures are my attempt at idealizing nature. They are an expression of what I'd like to see while on a little ramble down to the Mississippi Flood Plains. 

Or maybe, and I think this is it, maybe they are an attempt at compensation for what is lost in translation to you. Humble wilderness, with its wild, disorderly plants, regular sized trees, green streams- occasional muddy, and scattering of squirrels and brownish songbirds, can absolutely take one's breath away. It is a wonderland! But when I take a picture of all that, so much of the wonder is bled out in the process, in the loss of oxygen, the translation to 2D, and the disembodied lack of presence, that I find I have to somehow make up for the losses.

So add in a cave. Introduce a fox. Make the water more colorful. Scatter flowers. And bring in all the birds.

Does that do it? Does that take care of the losses?

No. Of course not. That's silly.

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