Sunday, November 19, 2023

Every quarter century


Every quarter century or so I like to run a new project at my library that features my co-workers. 

The last one I did was called 42, and featured 42 portraits of my colleagues as done by me in watercolor and hung up throughout the library. That was 23 years ago, so I am a touch ahead of schedule. This one I have recently begun involves photo portraits of my co-workers, really any one of them who will take part in my scheme, shown with their spirit animal, or, as I'm increasingly fond of calling it, from the book The Golden Compass, (and as I was reminded by one of my portrait subjects) their Daemons. These Daemons are a kind of soul's expression of my co-workers' essential animals made manifest in the world.

I let them choose the animal, take a few quick shots of them, and run from there as far as I can.

The whole process brings up all kinds of interesting issues and revelations, and you will surely hear more about it here on clerkmanifesto as the project runs its course. 

But you may not see the pictures themselves. 

I haven't decided yet. Sometimes I take an odd, circumspect relationship to the detailed personalities and names of my co-workers and my workplace here in this at once public and tiny/large space. For the moment at least, I will let at least the portraits themselves have their own, non clerkmanifesto room.

The pictures are slowly going up on my relatively new Instagram account though, and you are welcome to follow there at:

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