Thursday, November 16, 2023

Godfather II, slightly improved

Seeing as The Godfather II is one of the best movies ever made, it would be difficult to make any improvements on it. Nevertheless, I have taken a stab at it.

You will recall the preview picture to this project:

I have added just a couple of small details that I felt were missing from this scene. It is my hope that these deepen the emotional complexity of this powerful and suggestive moment from early in the film. Similarly, in the pictures that follow below, you will find a small, non-sequential series of stills from Coppola's masterpiece. None of these pictures have been radically altered. They were so compelling and beautiful to begin with! But with each frame I did make a couple of small adjustments that I feel accent the narrative of this great movie for the better, and add the smallest of touches of harmony to these already thoughtful, immensely artistic images.

I hope you enjoy these alterations and find that they deepen your understanding of the film from which they were taken.


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