Friday, November 24, 2023

How long does art take



Technically this post took me 46 minutes to make.

But honestly I don't consider it "done" exactly.

Here's how it begins:

I'm still not showing here on clerkmanifesto my series of pictures of library workers with their spirit animals, or "daemons", as I just slightly prefer to call them. But they are easy enough to see. You can ask at the front desk of my library and I will show you a stack of printouts of pictures of them until long after you lose interest, or you can send me an email and I'll send something, or you can possibly even add a comment to this post, or, simplest, you can go to my Instagram.

Oh, what should I put up on Instagram now? Do I have a new one of these daemon pictures?

Maybe, maybe not.

For a huge part of Thanksgiving day I worked on one portrait featuring something called a "Barred Owl" posing with a children's librarian. This librarian also chose an alternate daemon of a red fox, and maybe even a second alternate of a moose. I focused on the owl, thinking it the real animal. But as that floundered I threw in some foxes later on. Even the moose made a brief appearance as things got especially messy. But although a few of these pictures sort of worked, I wasn't entirely happy with any of them.

Someone, actually a few people, have asked me how long it takes me to do one of these pictures.


Let's see. 

Time me. It is 11:03 pm and I have no idea what I'm about to do. Go!

I looked up the first movie I was slightly interested in. Grabbed a relatively quick piece of it. And did... this.

It is now 11:24. That was supposed to go more quickly. But, okay, 21 minutes.

Now I have forgotten what my point is.

Which, curiously, might be my point.

Or, here is my point:

When I publicly present art and it garners enough interest I am eventually asked, "How long does making one of these take." I invariably answer incorrectly, endeavoring to be truthful. The correct answer is:

"It takes between 15 minutes and the absolute heat death of the universe."


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