Sunday, November 5, 2023

Room for improvement


A great urbanist organization, Strong Towns, which works towards better and more responsible city design, posted a picture of a pretty street scene in New York and asked if it was missing anything.

Here is their picture:

It's pretty, and way ahead of the American curve. But I think one can easily see it still has some serious shortcomings!

So I immediately set to editing the picture to fix all the problems I could with its design by way of answer.

Two hours later I finished only to find I couldn't post a picture as an answer.

Although, in short, the answer was pretty easy to say:

It was missing

1. A car ban.

2. A canal

3. Cats

4. Sky gondolas

5. Canal gondolas

6. A bit more street lighting

Although I still feel a picture works better as my answer:


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