Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The greatest movies of all time, slightly embellished


I interrupt a series of pictures of a walk I took in order to present something of a teaser for a slightly more complicated collection of pictures; movie stills.

I have begun mucking about in some of my favorite films and hit gold early on. While there will be many more pictures from this truly classic movie, and some from movies I also love, but that don't necessarily hold the same pedigree, today's preview picture will be hard for me to improve upon. Not only does this picture have the impact of being the first in this vein, with all its power of surprise and freshness, but my tricks really came together here in thematic and structural ways.

This picture is from The Godfather II, if that isn't obvious to you.

The image, if it's not immediately clear, has been slightly altered for personal reasons.

All reasons are personal here, if that isn't obvious to you too.

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