Friday, November 17, 2023

The next great movie that I improve

Starting out with Godfather II, I set a standard for my movie improvement photos that will be hard to match.

 As you certainly recall, yesterday I ran a short series of pictures of frames from the brilliant Coppola film, Godfather II, only with my own slight alterations to the images in hopes of addressing some minor flaws within said film. Choosing my next movie to work on was so certain to be a step down from Godfather that I decided to just go with my feelings and not worry about what all the fancy film critics might think about my choice.

Yes, Morning Glory is not exactly at the level of The Godfather II, but it's closer than you might think. This charming comedy, sometimes known as a Romantic Comedy, which is a bit of a stretch, starring Rachael McAdams and Harrison Ford, has a lot going for it. My dear wife and I should know. We have seen this film 87 times now. But, on occasion I have suspected it was lacking just a couple of small things that could deeply improve it. Luckily it was within the scope of my skillset to add these things in to the movie, and in this scattering of stills below, I hope to fully round out this utterly charming and underrated film.

Jeff Goldblum is also in this movie!

Rachael McAdams and Harrison Ford, both being characteristically excellent here.

A dynamic scene near the end of the film. 

I'm almost done. But before this one last picture I'd like to point out:

This movie is not a completely random follow up to Godfather II. No less than three of the stars below appeared in both of these movies!


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