Friday, November 3, 2023

The wound may heal, but the scar remains


A library patron came to the library. He opened the doors and walked through our long entry full of people talking, returning books, and going to an event in the community room. He passed through the security gates into a large, high ceilinged area where dozens of people were browsing for DVD's. The public computers were full up, and another group was busy printing and faxing in that area. Other patrons looked for their requested books, and went up and down the stairs to and from further collections on the second floor. It was a busy day, and this library patron had to wait a moment until he could approach me at the front desk. Finally I was available and asked how I could help him.

"Is the library open today?" He wanted to know.

I was a bit surprised by the question as it seemed self evident. 

"Yes." I replied. And then by way of explanation, "You're here."

"Well, I came another time." He complained with a touch of peevishness. "And you were closed."

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  1. Perhaps this patron is related to a young man I mentored years ago. He asked me for a copy of a book he had read before; Jaws, maybe, or another ocean-related. I got it for him, and a long time later (months) he said he had finished it. With a note of surprise he said that it ended the same way as the one he read earlier.
    Well, sure, I told him, it's the same book so it comes out the same.
    "Not always," he insisted.

    Back then I thought this was simply his neurovariance. Now, after reading your posts here, I think maybe he was onto something that I was missing.


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