Sunday, November 26, 2023

Why the world remains a few inches out of reach of us all


Continuing from yesterday's theme, wherein we discussed the cruel inheritance from my childhood:

If only I would apply myself!

I did have a moment, after spending another 12 hour day of working on my photoshop/AI pictures of my library co-workers posed with their spirit animals, or daemons, as Philip Pullman called them, where I thought:

What if I put this kind of relentless effort into clerkmanifesto?

And then I thought:

Oh. I do put this kind of effort into clerkmanifesto.

Which is why (Choose one, and only one, from the list below):

A. It is as good as it is.

B. I am so mad that only a handful of people read it.

C. I have had such a good time here these last ten years.

D. The gods return my calls, but only when I cannot answer the phone.

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