Thursday, December 7, 2023

Airplane seating and my usual marketing ploy


I am so old that I can remember when a person bought an airplane ticket and, included in the cost, they could pick their own seat!

A hundred twenty dollar value for nuthin'!

It was amazing.

But all things must pass away. The days of free luxury are over, mark my words.

For instance, if you haven't been to any kind of a theater lately, this is what the average ticket purchasing prices look like these days:

General Admission Ticket: $18.00

Well that's not too bad. But wait...

Choose your own seat: $32.00


Hard wood slat seating upgrade: $6.00

Wait, upgrade?

Upholstered seating upgrade (wood upgrade purchase required): $14.00

That actually sounds pretty comfy!

Armrest (each side): $5.00

Never a bad idea to get one and share it.

Cup Holder: $2.00

This is actually a really good deal. I would usually perch on the exposed metal seat post (saving that six bucks, but splurge for the cup holder).

Seating time during performance guarantee: $40.00

This is the steep one, but possibly necessary if you don't want to end up sitting in your seats during a period in which the performance is not taking place. Although, if you don't mind chilling in an empty theater, this can be a great place to save money!

Seat elevation jacking (per inch): $3

A good idea if you're short, or if you're concerned the person seated in front of you has invested heavily in this category.

Ticket investor fee: $52

Usually not a relevant fee, but great for hot shows that you don't want to see but wouldn't mind making a little money on.

So, as you can see, a nice night at a theater or a concert can now add up. And, of course, none of this above will include the standard fees, taxes, and add ons.

On the other hand, you can just stay home reading old clerkmanifestos!


Well, that's what I do.


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  1. The last movie I remember seeing in a theater was at a nabe in St. Paul, maybe the Grandview? I think the picture was Brokeback Mountain. There were about six people in the theater. It was a Wednesday afternoon seniors' matinee. Cost: $5. It was worth it.


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