Friday, December 29, 2023

At the cat shrine


Here is a picture I took down by the river bluffs, in the morning, when the shore was frozen.

Actually, the picture I took wasn't much like this one, before I started adding things, and dreaming things, and ended up with a cat shrine.

A cat shrine.

There are nearly as many cats as there are dogs in my country. But I see dogs all the time. I only see cats on special occasions, sequestered as they are.

I think there are wonderful dogs and wonderful dog owners. But those are not the standard. And I think cats are...


But I believe this, even if it might sound like a joke:

If human beings loved cats far more than we do dogs,  we would make it through. 

But it's sixty-forty to the dogs; loyal, suggestible, territorial, hierarchical, and barking dogs, 

and we are doomed.

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