Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Back to normal: the best of the weekend


Now that I have expressed myself by putting smeary effects all over my portraits, I can settle down and show you the main work of the weekend. I believe I have five new people to add here, with a couple of redo's for library workers whose portraits I wasn't fully satisfied with. 

The one with all the birds, "Jennifer's Warblers", was the subject of some discussion here a few days ago, but this is a newer, far better version that I am finally satisfied with, even if Jennifer seems to remain... diffident. The other redo is of Judith, with a stoat, a portrait I really like, though maybe even better in its "special effects" version that I might have shown yesterday. 

New animals include a parakeet and an otter (with a library worker who wanted to be indirectly photographed, thus the back angle). 

Repeat animals with new people include a polar bear, a lion, and a moose. I was briefly annoyed by repeat animals at one point, but that reaction has passed. One never knows what will come out of them, and it's a different picture every time.

Anna's Parakeet:

Emmy's Polar Bear:

Jennifer's Warblers (and kitten):

Judith's Stoat:

Kelly's Otter:

Vance's Lion:

Don's Moose:

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