Monday, December 4, 2023

Dear favorite leftist podcaster


Here is a template for a letter I'd like to send to all my favorite leftist, anti-capitalist podcasters (teaser version):

To One of My All-Time Favorite, Anti-Capitalist, Anarchist Podcasters:

This is a teaser fan letter to give you a taste of how much I love your work. I hope you enjoy it!

I love your work. I listen to it all the time. I even listen to the five-minute teasers for the incredibly interesting-sounding subscriber-only episodes that I would have to pay six dollars a month to listen to.

 But I'm not faulting you for that restriction! 

I know that we live in a hard, late-capitalist world, and though you beautifully articulate a better world and urge us to work for it, and present brilliant ideas about the world we might create, and present expert guests discussing the inspiring way forward, we also exist in this world, as is, with bills to pay and groceries to buy. And so naturally if more and more people find your podcast valuable and entertaining, and you want to put more and more resources towards the quality, frequency, and production of it, why not have the community gather resources for you to support what you're doing?

Good on you. 

I still love your ideas of library socialism and anti-hierarchies and belief in the common good, ideas I support and hopefully strive towards in tiny ways in my own life. But really, most of all, what I wanted to do with this letter was write you and tell you something about yourself that you may be too humble to see. 

You offer something so extraordinary and unique that it has amazed and actually astonished me. It is that you are

And that concludes the teaser portion of my fan letter.

Subscribers to my Patreon fan letter page, for only six dollars, get access to the complete text of all my insightful and frankly gushing and ego-boosting fan letters. Subscriber fan letters are also ad-free, because you have better things to do with your time. You also get notifications of special fan letters that might be coming your way soon.

With the deepest respect and regard,


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