Friday, December 1, 2023



I'm on the verge of giving in.

The project I am working on, where I have photographed all variety of my co-workers, and then set to photoshop magic in their spirit animals, is all consuming. I find the part where I collect the pictures so difficult that I have had to take days off of it at work, or pace myself to two or three a day. But as soon as I get to a day off from work, to free time, I work on these pictures relentlessly.

Though I went for a walk and took some other pictures you might be interested in, and I also thought of a few ideas for a column today, when I sat down to my computer I instead worked irresistibly all day long, and into the night, working on the spirit animal thing instead.

I had Chou's Tortoise to work on, and Scott's Boxer, and Anna's Stork, and Sahra's Cheetah. It was a lot of work! But I didn't even get to those! Instead, for hours, I worked on improvements to older pictures. I experimented with new styles. I dived deeper into the complexities of Photoshop.

Did I make any progress?

Not really? Sort of? Lisa's Panda's are much better. My melding skills are improving. And I am integrating the Dall-e AI photo generator better to give me more options. I am tempted to show you what's going on and just managing to hold off.

I have to admit though, I think I'm having fun.

Anyway, I do have a place holder. 

Here are a few prototypes of my project, not using my co-workers.

Honestly, they don't even use real people. But some of these have been starting points for my finished pictures. I mean, in as much as I have finished pictures. I keep finding ways to improve them which makes it hard to finish them.

These are on the other end of that, some starting points I've been using...


  1. Thanks for the teasers. I hope we'll get to see the real ones soon. Please, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the really, really good.

    1. Thanks. I'll try not to.

      I will say I am starting to feel myself edging towards showing the finished ones here in some way, but we'll see.


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