Sunday, December 17, 2023

The loon people


Two of the people who work at the library have chosen the loon as their spirit animal. This isn't entirely surprising considering we are in Minnesota and the loon is our official state bird. The unofficial state bird is the mosquito.

No one has chosen a mosquito as their spirit animal.


Our state flag and our state seal are in the process of changing as I write, but I don't think anyone is going to mess with the loon. So far the only specifically "double" animal besides the loon is the panda, an example of which we featured here yesterday.

I did not have an easy time with the loon, the AI is not all that clear on what exactly this bird is, and I even resorted at one point to cutting and pasting with actual loon pictures. My earlier loon pictures were finished awhile ago and recently I went back in to try again despite having too few reference photos for both of my subjects, as you will see in the duplicate faces of these pictures.

I'm still not sure if I'm finished. 

Here is where we are now:

Jeff's Loon:

Dan's Loon:

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