Monday, January 22, 2024

Beatles week: John day


The Beatles meant a lot to me. But without John, I don't think they would have mattered so much.

On the other hand, without any of the others, they really wouldn't have been the Beatles. So let's just let John day be John day, okay?


1.  John did a few embarrassing, genuinely cringeworthy things after the Beatles. But he aimed high, and there are few pieces of music in the world that hit my heart so true as when his did.

2. If John was a Marx Brother, he would have been Groucho.

3. "Happy Christmas/War is Over" is the same tune as "Stewball was a Racehorse".

4. Clerkmanifesto is written to the same theme as John's song "God".

5. I could never in a million years pick my favorite John song as it depends so deeply upon the time and place in my life. But also... "Across the Universe".

6. My favorite picture I did of John is not here today because I already used it on an earlier Beatles Week post. But of today's photos I probably like the pig one best. These below might not be my favorite set of pictures of any of the Beatles, but they are the most experimental.

7. John would not have read clerkmanifesto because English people don't find me amusing. 

It's okay though because Bob Dylan considers me hilarious. 

Hi Bob!

8. A Swede wouldn't know the second song on side one of the great Beatles album "Rubber Soul".

But a Norwegian would.

9. A Chocolate Oliver is a crisp, slow baked cookie made with hops and malt, thickly covered in dark chocolate.

10. The thing I love best about the great reworked Beatles documentary "Get Back", from which so many of my pictures are partly taken, is the toast. I just loved all the toast the Beatles eat.

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