Friday, January 12, 2024

Recurring problem


My recurring problem here with photography is over-saturation. When I come out with one new picture in my blue-red-black-white motif it has real impact, and nine viewers all across the Internet cry out in ecstasy:

"This one is kind of nice." Then adding "I wonder what I should have for lunch."

And my heart swells with pride! I am a god of the Internet, an influencer! My dreams of worldwide acclaim are halfway there. I begin to plan a coffee table book and formulate interesting, slightly daring answers to questions on chat shows.

Then I try my hand at a famous person! I show a blue-red-black-white portrait of Joni Mitchell, with a possum.

"Who's that?" Six people metaphorically ask.

"Joni Mitchell." I answer.

Maybe I should have shown the Paul Simon one?

Oh, you haven't seen the Paul Simon?

Here's the Paul Simon one:

Meanwhile I am working feverishly to the point of sometimes not being able to sleep because I am thinking of more and more of these portraits. I show a string of sixties rock stars! I do the Marx Brothers, at least the three important ones (sorry Gummo and Zeppo)! 

I even make portraits of every single member of The White Stripes!

Wait, you haven't seen The White Stripes portraits?

Here is Meg:

And here is Jack. He's with an elephant. Get it?:

And these striking photographs are as good as ever, but the impact slowly lessens, it bleeds out under the onslaught of pictures. My nine readers drift off for new thrills on the Internet, under a common derangement that they will be able to find any. But still I like to show people the things I make. I want to share the art! So I carry on. But as I do I create alternate versions of my pictures, I get one-offs that don't fit in blog posts. For instance, I write a post involving Nicholas Cage and Moonstruck. I manage to sneak in a picture of Cher, but I'm still left with five alternate versions of Nicholas Cage that don't fit in the post, and also a cartoon version of Cher that I also can't squeeze in.

What am I supposed to do with these?

Oh, you wanted to see the other Nicholas Cage photos?


Here is the cartoon version of yesterday's picture:

And, for the Cher fans, the cartoon picture version of yesterday's Cher (with a white rabbit):

And then of course here are the alternate Nicholas Cage pictures in poster version. There are four of these!


Are you beginning to see the problem?

Meanwhile I have spent my entire morning trying to shoe in the above pictures and now I am late for work. And despite this super long, time consuming post (for both of us!), I have failed to include the following pictures I hoped to show:

Alternate Jack White pictures.

Cartoon Meg White.

Louis Armstrong.

Bob Marley.



Lucinda Williams, even though it is not very flattering.

And probably even more. I can't tell anymore. I am buried under photographs! 

But they all cry out to be free. "Show me." They beg. "Don't keep my light under a bushel."

Yes, my photographs have started spouting scripture at me!

What can I do?

Make more pictures, I guess. It's the only consolation.

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