Tuesday, January 2, 2024

The year in pictures, 2023


Last year on clerkmanifesto I showed hundreds, possibly even thousands of pictures. In reviewing them for today's retrospective I ran across the usual feelings I encounter when I look over my creations:

1. Horror at how awful some of them were.

2. Delight in the good ones.

3. A conviction that if I just left it at the good ones, the impact would have been ten times greater.

4. Total and abject confusion as to what constitutes "A good one".

In the end, I have no idea about any of it, or my idea fluctuates like a compass at the magnetic north pole. So I decided I'd better come up with some rules to get this walk down memory lane under control.

1. It's a review, so each month must be sequentially represented.

2. A full representation of styles should be prioritized over my inclination to just show 250 fox and skunk pictures.

3. A strict diet of two pictures a month maximum must be stuck to, or today's post will be overwhelmed.

4. The pictures can speak for themselves. I've already talked enough about them through the year.

5. I am allowed to cheat one time to get a good picture in or save a bad month.













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