Monday, February 5, 2024

A classic rock joke


I was working on the automated check in machine at my library when someone paged Miles, and I immediately thought of this joke, or riddle, or Zen Koan.

Well, not immediately. It took me 15 minutes to work it out.

John, Keith, Pete, and Roger sat in a room and were asked to name the people that came in. 

Five people were brought in. One was named Miles. Another Miles, and two more also were called Miles. 

But one was named Myles.

One of the four of those quizzed said "I can see five Miles."

A second one said "I can see five Miles."

The third of them also answered "I can see five Miles."

But only the fourth one got it correct. The fourth one said "I can see four Miles, and Myles!"



  1. HA!!! It took me a bit then I read it out loud and the music came.!
    Have you heard this one? It's better out loud but here it is anyway.

    Thirty coyotes and in a field and 28 chickens.
    How many didn't?

    1. I enjoyed your joke and will surely read it again and again in times of trouble for solace. Thank you. Now I have to change a full bin of books on the automated check in machine. Two actually. 28 chickens! Ha!


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