Thursday, February 8, 2024

Art show


Here at my library we sometimes have art shows. These are not on the six thousand square yards of unadorned white walls of my minimalist library, but rather on special wire racks before one heads up the staircase at the center of our main floor. Right now is a show of small oil paintings of still lifes. They don't look great on the messy wire racks, but they do get a lot of viewer traffic! 

Anyway, one day I decided I should have an art show there! 

So I will.

For most of March and April, I'll show my fictional photography as it pertains to and partakes of the library environment. I am going to show fifty or so pictures at a time, in what will most likely be three sets. All the Library Workers' Daemon pictures you've been seeing so much over this past fall and winter are fully up to date and shouldn't be too much trouble for me to put together. But I thought it would be equally simple to assemble another group of pictures from my teeming backlog of cartoon characters in the library, alien invasions in the library, and biblical scenes in the library.

Alas that it is not so!

Like so much of the art I have ever done in my life, my old work is not exactly as good as I thought it was. It is, however, as badly organized as I thought it was. So to my surprise, I now find myself busy with putting 150 or more pictures together over this month, much of which includes a great deal of revamping my old pictures into a standard at which I am once again keen to show it.

"But," You wonder. "Why are you telling us this, aside from how you tell us nearly anything at any time and completely at random, and often as some length?"

It is by way of explanation. Since there will be so much of my time invested in this photography/art show project, you will be seeing many examples, meditations, and considerations of this project in the weeks to come. Some pictures I show may be familiar, but hopefully they will be restored with the gloss that meets the nostalgic quality of our imaginations.

Or at least by redoing some of them, and showing them here, I will believe in their wonder again.

Here are a bunch of the earlier library fiction photographs, remastered, so to speak, and hopefully not just over-embellished:

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