Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Daemons are back!


With a show coming up of my library fiction photography, I decided that I'd better finish off the last co-workers I managed to get to both choose their spirit animal and endure a dozen or so pictures being taken of them in odd poses. 

Today we have pictures of two regular volunteers- Pat and Claire. Then there is Joel, who is a very part time page at my library, and who I tend to see once a month or so. Finally Marcus, mentioned occasionally on clerkmanifesto, is the manager of another branch now. We went out to eat a month ago and we meant for me to photograph him for the project. Alas that we forgot to do so even after talking all about his daemon! But this morning I remembered I had some old pictures on him for some long past project involving mirroring, and so I was able to unite him with his chosen moose.

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