Wednesday, February 14, 2024

On the nature of magic


Dancing to no music in a liquor store in 1990, I saw forty or maybe even sixty years into the future.

There were no special effects. When they gods are confident they need add nothing. There was no investment advice. There was nothing of interest to the wider world. The kind of moment that I saw was both too small and too large to ever appear in any of the thousand books I have read that bother, in one way or another, with magic. 

And all books bother with magic.

But this true vision of the future, in real life, set its own course, with its own agenda.

I don't need the wider world, or stock tips, or visions of gadgets or calamities to come. I do not need to see the rise and fall of empires or the grand path of all human kind. To my dying day I will be thankful for the one psychic vision ever bestowed on me, quietly, and absolutely stripped to the simplicity of a single image.

For I looked into the future, far into it then, maybe not quite so far now, and I saw...


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