Friday, February 23, 2024

Preparing for an art show


Having an art show in a little over a week at my library is feeling unreal to me now. This is maybe because I'm long finished with making all the pictures, and I'm a little uncertain about the hanging and the availability of the displays my pictures will be going on. There is a great deal of informality about this art show, which is somehow more like permission for an art display. And yet at the same time I have fifty plexiglass frames to prepare for hanging all while I'm at the library- somewhere in-between doing my job. These frames all come covered in a protective film that's a challenge to peel off, and I've barely begun that process. Plus, halfway through the show I'm going to be switching out all 50+ of the first photographs.

I realize that I have been showing you here all my revised Library Fiction pictures, but I only started showing here my Library Co-workers' Daemon pictures towards the end of that project. Most of them I haven't shared on clerkmanifesto yet. So here is a selection of some. I'm not a hundred percent clear on what has and what hasn't been shown in this space, so please forgive me if you see one of these pictures and it's your second time. All I can say is: if that happens, just shut your eyes quick.

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