Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Rough days in library town


Another day in library town, where I've worked most of my adult life. My days here runnin' herd on library books for my ruthless County bosses are winding down. I'd like to say some days get pretty rough now that the end of my career is only a year or four away, but there have always been rough days working library town. Mean patrons, capricious bosses, grinding workloads, clueless co-workers, and loads of human vomit, I have seen it all.

Well, maybe not all, just most of it.

Today an old colleague turned manager unceremoniously bumped my little art show and forgot most of what we agreed to about it. So I am now showing some stuff for the first few weeks of April, and then again in July, and it's neither what I wanted, how I wanted it, nor what we talked about. It's very disappointing.

But then, I'm not here to make art. I may have wanted a career at the library being the library jester, the entertainer, and the freelancer, but my job, my real job, is...


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