Thursday, February 22, 2024

What I have learned from 700 episodes of Fashion Designer competition shows


Over the last year or two, my darling wife and I have watched many seasons and episodes of various fashion designer competition shows. And though there are hundreds of hours of my investment in this pursuit, and I have had a fair amount of cozy, entertaining diversion, I am pretty sure that one post can cover what I have learned in all this... study.

And so here are the five key points I have gleaned from the TV show sub genre: Fashion Design Competitions:

1. Even though every one of these shows purports to be about the seasonal winner becoming the next big name in fashion, no one who has ever won one of these shows, no matter how blindingly talented, has become the next big name in fashion. No one.

2. Plus size means women, not men. Male models always have to be pretty trim. And I'm pretty sure no one of any gender is allowed to be short.

3. The best dressed designer will usually be the best designer.

4. These shows start out with the focus on fashion, design, and craftsmanship. But as the seasons progress they lean increasingly into drama and novelty.

5. Gary should have won.

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