Saturday, February 3, 2024

What price fame?


Like a troll I have been out in the wastelands; under bridges and along the railroad tracks, painting my elaborate graffiti branding pieces for this very blog. Perhaps that's how you found me- walking among the lost lanes of the city you came upon bugheart after bugheart and wondered about the ubiquitous accomanying letters "CM".

"What's "CM"?" You asked your dog.

"Roof!" Your dog replied.

Good doggy!

So you looked me up on the Internet and here you are.

Anyway, I have done so many of these graffiti pieces my hands are stained with paint that doesn't wash off, like the psychological blood of a murderer haunted by their guilt.

Was it right to steal all that paint from Dick Blick?

Is it in any way morally defensible to cover someone's truck in my own ambitious designs?

Are there any limits to my quest for notoriety?

And yet without it all would you be here? Perhaps not. 

And look at what a good time we're having.

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