Tuesday, March 19, 2024

My friend back pain


It's just me and my back pain out at the front desk of the library!

"How are you two doing?" You ask.

We are just fine, thank you very much.

If you asked me how I am doing, I would maybe have to say, "Okay, but my back hurts." But if you ask me and my back pain how we're doing, well, answering that my back hurts wouldn't make much sense, would it? It would be redundant. And it wouldn't really speak to all the nice conversations my back pain and I are having about how we'd rather not have to get out of this chair for a few minutes.

If it's quiet for a while at the front desk sometimes my back pain thinks about trotting off to the fiction stacks to look for a good mystery to read. 

But when things pick up we get real chatty with each other.

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