Saturday, March 2, 2024

Not talking to people

I am not good at holding a grudge. Though my life has had its share of moments with people whom I vengefully resolved not to talk to, what I usually find is that they're not talking to me either, and they're doing a far better job of it than I could ever hope to.

For instance, there are currently two, possibly three people I am not talking to at work. Rather than experiencing the cold-hearted black joy of snubbing them when they say something to me, it turns out they never say anything to me on their own anyway. Are they mad at me too, or did they never say anything to me, and only interact with me at my provocation?

More realistically maybe I should hold a hard, bitter, nearly unbreakable grudge with everyone around here, all the time, for absolutely no reason at all.

And the minute they talk to me, forgive them.

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