Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The books tell the story


An old lady came to me at the front desk of the library.

That almost sounds like the start of a joke, or maybe the beginning of...

A blog post!

Yes, probably the blog post thing.

Anyway, she had a book on hold for her, but she couldn't find it.

I've dealt with this issue before.

Acquiring her library card I learned that this book came in three days ago. So it should be on the holds shelf. But it wasn't!

The name of the book:

Ill-Fated Fortune.

Oh, that can't be good.

That can't be good at all!

We could end the story there, but I don't want to make you sad about the library today, so we'll switch from a story about the library as a metaphysical harbinger of tiny, dark fates to a more functional account of "How a library works".

Ill-Fated Fortune is a paperback, and when I checked the shelves under the three-letter code where it should have been filed for the library patron, it definitely wasn't there. So I started looking anywhere in the H's in case it was misfiled. To my delight, after some time and a hint of despair, I actually found it! It had the wrong slip in it, but, in an act of random fortune, it by chance was alphabetically similar enough for me to find it still in the H's!

Triumphantly I checked out the book to the happy patron, a "fortune" after all!

Although the book looked absolutely awful, so maybe it was an ill-fated one.

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