Friday, March 15, 2024

The circus pictures and lessons learned


While working on all those pictures of burbling streams, and finding ways to turn them into abstract masterpieces, I also started on what I am calling my "Zoo" pictures. These are calm scenes of the site of some kind of accident with a zoo boat, or a zoo truck, perhaps newly happened, or as the result of some past calamity. I had perhaps half a dozen of these scenes ticking along, and though I was satisfied enough with them, it dawned on me that I had new tools in my paintbox, or, I guess, my darkroom. Not only were these irresistible tools, but they might also justify my having spent 600,000 hours on pictures of stream water.

Not that I needed any justification or anything. After all, they were masterpieces.

And so then are these:


  1. Nice additions to bridge nine.

    1. Thanks, and I am impressed at your geolocation, but I think bridge nine would be the next railroad bridge upriver? Assuming we're talking about picture two, that bridge in the picture connects with the greenway (and should be a continuation of the path into St. Paul, which it shamefully isn't).

      I don't know its name though- Bridge Eight maybe? Wait! No, I found it. It's the Short Line Bridge.


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