Sunday, March 10, 2024

The heart of the matter



We are almost through with this sudden paroxysm of water pictures. Without a great deal of fanfare I'll be showing what is probably, but not certainly, the last culmination of these pictures of burbling streams photographed and edited towards something that makes them like abstract paintings.

There are a lot of pictures today.

I am well aware it would be better if I just chose the two good pictures among them and showed that today. Then, maybe, instead of saying "Whoa, these are a lot to look at!", you might instead say "Well that's kind of pretty and maybe I'll visit this blog again in a couple years."

Which would be an honor.

But, the problem is, I don't know yet which two pictures are the good ones!

They all seem good at this point. Like God itself, I'm confused by the endorphins of creation. I am condeluded. I am over stimulated.

So here is my darkish quote for the day:


Only time can weather away the weakness.

And, in the end, everything is gone.

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