Saturday, April 13, 2024

An attraction unto myself


The library was a little bit wild during the day today. School was out and the weather was fine and this place was hopping. People were everywhere, phones were ringing, and the library cards were flying.

Oh man, they were flyin'!

Until five o'clock, when, seemingly all at once, it got deadly quiet in here.

Maybe everyone had had enough library for the day? 

But not me. My work was not done. We go to eight around here. So I went out to the front desk of my library for an hour and tried to look approachable.

I didn't register a single card. I didn't help anyone find anything. And I didn't provide a single direction to anywhere in the library.

For the whole of the hour I answered four questions.

They were all about me.

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  1. The worst men have the best jobs, the best men have the worst jobs or are unemployed or locked in madhouses.”
    - Charles Bukowski


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