Monday, April 22, 2024

In case we ever have a new reader here


Generally speaking, when I am at the front desk of my library and someone asks me a question, I answer it briefly and simply. Like:

"Is there a librarian in the kids' room?"

Me: "Yes."

If they want to know more, and/or have a more complex question I simply start talking.

An example of this would not be kind to your Internet pleasure.

I talk and I talk and I talk and I don't stop until they feel they have mastered the material or found what they came for.

Conceivably a library patron could have me talk endlessly, explaining a wider and wider range of library information, speculation, history, and philosophy forever. All they have to do is never stop me.

No one has yet dared.

But if you really are curious as to what that would be like...

Welcome to clerkmanifesto.

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