Friday, April 5, 2024

My audience


I have been perhaps a little too negative about having my show of my photos of co-workers and their spirit animals up at the library. First, right after the show started, it seemed like everyone was just walking by all the pictures without even glancing their way. Then, on the second day, some anonymous co-worker concern trolled my show by expressing their concern to a manager that some of the people who willingly took part in posing for the show might not want to be in it, theoretically. So that kind of bummed me out for a bit.

But the truth is that lots of people look at my pictures. Some of them even for more than ten seconds! Some of them yes, I have to say it... with enthusiasm! And it's very nice.

And watching all of this I have learned more about my constituency. My very biggest fans are...


Toddlers love my pictures!

Only, so many of the photos are hung so high up on these metal display racks that these little wee children can mostly only see one low-placed one on the way to the kids' room, the one with a seal. The tiny kids point at it and thrust their hand into it in a fit of artistic appreciation.

I thought "These toddlers really love my work. I've got to put more pictures down near the floor where they can see them!

So this very evening I went out to the racks and did a little rearranging. I moved three more pictures to the lower part of the panel where the toddlers always stop to admire on the way to the children's room. These are now too low for adults to see, but perfect for three-year-old's. And sure enough, as I was filling in some holes in the display I'd caused when I moved things around, a toddler wandered by. He halted his whole family and thrust his arm into one of my newly accessible pictures. He seized one frame briefly in his tiny fists. He pushed his smeary little hand into another. And then he started freely babbling, in a delightful tone (to me, at least):

"wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!"

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