Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The blank slate

Out at the front desk of my library, where I have worked for nearly 30 years, I face the blank slate of an hour at the library once again.

Will anyone visit?

Might they check out some exciting bits of literature?

Will someone require a new library card?

Will there be a wacky question?

Will any wild animals walk in?

Will the police be called?

Will a small child with pictures of strawberries on her coat drop by to stare at me?

Will two teens awkwardly greet each other and hug sideways.

Will someone in a peach cardigan and a bright green bag check out two books in a hurry at the self-checkout machines and then race out the doors?

Will someone stumble going up the stairs?

Will a man hand me a whiffle golf ball and apologize for it?

To all of which we can only answer:

Yeah, probably.


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