Sunday, May 26, 2024

Central park

No, not the Central Park. Near where I work is also a Central Park, although what it is at the center of is a little more ambiguous than the New York one. It's a pretty nice park though, and I ran out on work for a few hours a week or two ago to meet a dear friend who was about to undergo some terrifying surgery. 

Before and after seeing him, I took some pictures of geese there.

There are some lovely Northern style swamps in the area, and they were full of geese!

Friendly geese!

Approachable geese!


Baby geese!

During the Springtime in these areas we simply have tons of these wonderful geese, but, sadly, as the season progresses, their numbers mysteriously and dramatically dwindle. By mid June it can be hard to find any geese!

Anyway, now that I have some time off from work, and am not consumed with tales of the irregularities of library policies and the peculiarities of patrons, I am able to gather together some of these geese pictures for you to enjoy. 

You are going to love them!

Like, a lot.

So get ready to have an unusually good time looking at geese!

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