Tuesday, May 14, 2024



Nothing happens for years, then it happens all at once.

Just so long as it all averages out in the end. The stupid universe has to make sure every stupid thing averages out in the end!

Which, admittedly, can work out for the best. 

But it isn't all that great when things seem to be humming along well enough for so long that you're foolishly getting tired of it.

Maybe I should get to the point?

Everybody is quitting the library where I work.

Everybody is quitting the library where I work!

Yes, I am exaggerating, but in this narrow time period it is at least a fifth of my library co-workers that are leaving. Great ones, indifferent ones, terrible ones, all going on to new opportunities, all riding into the sunset like a brave cowboy.

Bye Shane!

No, none of them are named Shane. 

And they didn't bring justice to our little library. But some of them were nice to have around, which is good enough to make this a tragedy.

Six and a half people gone! I'm already starting to forget some of their names. And there is no reason to assume it is all over yet. We went half a dozen years without half this number leaving! Now, if a co-worker I'm half fond of disappears to shelve in fiction for 45 minutes, I start to slightly panic. Have they taken a County position in Numistical Data Strategy Support?


Thank goodness!

Some barely adequate desk partner shows up to work with me at the desk. "Oh thank god you're here!" I cry out emotionally.

"Could you stop saying that to me every ten minutes." They complain.

That's totally something someone leaving would say!

Well, good riddance.

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