Tuesday, May 7, 2024

My persuasive powers


Our self checkout stations are basically just big screens that offer clear, simple, even cartoonish instructions and work very well. But one of them was freezing at a particular part of the checkout process, frustrating people, so I decided I would try to reboot it to see if that could resolve the problem. This was one of three machines in a row. None of them were being used. I stood next to the one I was trying to fix to be able to access the power switch on the back of the machine.

I turned the self checkout station off.

The machine went completely dark, as it does when it has no power. I set to waiting a prudent minute before rebooting it. Twenty seconds into that period, a library patron, eschewing the other two available machines with their bright, welcoming screens, came to the one I was standing at. There, next to its large, black screen she set her items on the desk and began to attempt to check out her books.

"You might want to use one of the other machines." I suggested.

She did want to!

But probably only because I am so good at suggesting.

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