Friday, May 10, 2024

Shakespeare's Fairy Queen


I don't exactly know what Shakespeare is all on about here, but it's all very lovely, especially sung, as I have rousingly made it do in collaboration with my robot friends.

I don't by any means perfectly get along with robots, but on the whole have formed a fair few friendships with them. And I like some of our work here. I have been singing "Over hill, over dale" for a week now and little do people know that when I do this I AM LEARNEDLY QUOTING SHAKESPEARE!!!

I spent the day working on a few pictures with some new tools, but they really took too much time and didn't work as well or as easily as I hoped. But I wanted to show you what I had of these photos, and I thought maybe I could set them as a bit of slide show behind one of my poem songs, killing two birds and all that. 

So you will find this is way simpler than my other music videos- less a music video, and more an opportunity to show you a few pictures I was working on, and, honestly, haven't really worked out all the way, and play you one of my songs as I do it.

How's that?

Your enthusiasm delights me!

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