Friday, May 31, 2024

The bookworm

Today we are featuring a poem called "The Bookworm". The AI version of the Internet told us emphatically that it was by the English poet Edith Sitwell. Edith Sitwell was a character! Lord what a character!

But "The Bookworm" is not by Edith Sitwell!


In fact, the AI version of the Internet told me later that it actually sounds nothing like the work of Edith Sitwell.

Though it could have been lying.

Like it was when it said it was by Edith Sitwell.

The AI version of the Internet just... made up "The Bookworm"! But because one of the redeeming features of the AI version of the Internet is that it is not vain, it didn't want to take credit for it. So it attributed it to someone plausible.

One of the fatal flaws of the AI version of the Internet is that it is obsessed with plausibility.

It turns out that when the AI version of the Internet boiler plates that one should double check what it says, it's not kidding. It will make up anything! It will lie, misrepresent, and randomly imagine anything and present it authoritatively.

But it's very polite.

Basically it is like a large corporation's customer service agent. Which, come to think of it, is pretty much just what it is!

Anyway, I made a music video out of this poem, "The Bookworm". It is 100 percent AI. The words are AI. The music is a different AI. And all the footage is AI. Theoretically there could be a program and I could type in "Make a music video about a cute library bookworm" and this could come out a minute or two later.

But instead I spent hours and hours and hours piecing this all together.

What is art?

I learned a lot. Though I'm not sure what it is yet.

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